Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All My Girls Get Down on the Floor

Last week, I revealed in a post that we had decided on the color of our floor: the aptly named and very Southern sounding Tobacco Road.

Here it is in our garage after it was delivered.  Because we had waited for a sale, we had to take the delivery the very next day - they wanted to deliver it right away, but we needed to make room in the garage. Good to know for those who also love sales - there may be a downside that you need to take it ASAP even though you may not be ready for stacks and stacks of wood to just sit around for weeks:
stacks on stacks on stacks

The first place it was installed was in the guest bedroom. Remember that guest bedroom reveal?  Be sure to check that out if you haven't already!

First, we installed an allegedly sound-reducing floor muffler pad (shown below in green), then the flooring.  I say allegedly because we haven't really been able to test that feature out.  I didn't mean to match my toe polish and flip flops to the floor pad, but you know, I am just that cool (?)

And here's the flooring in all its glory!  The final result:

Tobacco road
And you KNOW Marlo had to come check it out:
I think she approves
Well, what do you think?  I was a little surprised it was so....texture-y(?) when I saw it, but I think with furniture and some nice rugs, it will provide that nice extra pop of color that we were looking for.


  1. I really love it!! I think that was a great pick! Look at you all matchy matchy with your greens! so interesting you used sound reducing floor pads too, such a good idea!