Thursday, August 22, 2013


Not this Pebbles
Although that's the second Flintstones reference I've made on this blog.

We decided to get crraazzzyyyy and do a PEBBLE FLOOR in the shower!  How freaking zen is that?!  Does zen enthusiasm undo zen?  .... Is that like, if a tree falls and no one's around, does it make a sound?  God, I'm so deep.

I need you

Like I've learned with basically every other project, there are a MILLION pebble options!  Here's some of ones that I like:

It turns out that you buy the pebbles in sheets, and it is installed like regular tile. I always thought that the individual pebbles are laid down and then somehow smoothed down into the grout, which is incorrect because I don't know anything about anything.

Because we were keeping with dark grey slate tones, we picked black mini pebble.  It kind of looks like coffee beans:

We placed the order and it was done in about 5 days. I went to pick it up from the tile store, which was fine, except I think I drove the salesperson a little bit crazy asking about grout colors, so there's that. A guy loaded the tile into the car for me, which was very nice. I must've looked pretty in charge (IRONICALLY) because a woman asked me if I owned the tile store.  I do not, but I definitely could've helped her on her job considering everything I now know and my new found love of tile.

Soon, I'll reveal how it turned out!  Stay tuned.

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  1. omg I LOVE this idea - how freaking neat is that? Pebbles?! It'll be like being at a spa! I, too, did not know that they would be purchased in blocks like that, I pictured you individually laying each pebble down with grout or cement or whatever, how convenient that they're sheets!