Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flooring + Bare Walls: Living Room Mini-Reveal

Remember the entryway nook? 

 It wasn't finished, but now it is!  The thin cardboard protecting the floors has been removed and we're ready to roll!

There's a fan light. I am a nut for lighting. I don't feel there's enough light, but once we get some table lamps, I think it will be ok.

The kitchen actually in use:

We're almost there!  The only thing that's still annoying is the constant construction dust. I swear no matter how much I vacuum, there's always so much dust. A few thorough mops and it will be will much better.

Here's the infamous skylight with lighting. And still-wrapped appliances.

Internet, I have a confession. If I could it all over, I would either do:
A) A very dark floor and those same greige walls
B) Those same floors and a warmer paint color

I feel like the paint is a very cool hue and the floors are a very warm hue and something's not quite right.  But you live you learn. And with rugs, I'm sure it will all warm up a bit.

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  1. I like how it all looks together. You did a great job with the color scheme of the place!