Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Renovation Resolution #5: Advertisements Lie

Its been a while since I've discussed a Renovation Resolution.  You can catch up on the other 4 here and here.  Today's resolution is useful if you ever undergo a major renovation: advertisers lie a lot.  That's not new, you say, but particularly around house stuff, they sure do.

Here's something that showed up on on my Twitter feed:

Lies.  You what's better?  Anything. Naps, white wine, enjoying life, not endless to-do lists.

Here's another:

Can you?  Are you sure?  Ever better question: Can I?  Are you really sure?  

NEVER stop improving?  I guess "Improve until you're really sleepy and tired of being covered in paint then leave it half-finished" doesn't really fit as a tagline.

Are there any other maddening home improvement ads I've missed?

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