Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What's your Janka Hardness Score and Other Things I Never Thought I'd Care About

Having wood floors that I actually have to care about is making me a bit of a nut (not as crazy as SOMEONE I know who god forbid you get a fleck of paint on the floor and his head spins around but nevermind).  I am constantly worried about someone/something scratching and ruining that beautiful hardwood.

Never thought flooring could be so good looking
So I did a bit of research and discovered that flooring hardness is based on a scale called the Jankess Hardness Score.  Ours is Acacia which has a score of 1750 which is a nice medium hardness (that's what she said).

So of course I do a bunch of searching about whether or not I can wear heels and honestly, I still don't know.  I even emailed the manufacturer and the answer was basically: don't.

I think I've resigned myself to not having the cool house where people have to take off their heels because the floors, my god the floors.  Ugh.

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  1. I wish I knew what kind of wood floors mine were. I really should research! :) It gets dinged up pretty easily though sadly :(