Monday, June 10, 2013

Downstairs: A Floor Story

The downstairs living room and kitchen floors were an interesting exercise in optimism.  They were for real  U-G-L-Y:

At first, we were told that either the laminate was put down to cover and protect flooring that was good OR it was put down to cover flooring that was damaged due to flooding.

Removing the laminate revealed this:
Nike truly has nothing to do with this project in case you were wondering

Scraped down in all its glory

The living room while the work was going on. Eek!

It turned out the floors, although damaged, were probably use-able, which is great since this is a huge budget-saver.  We had the floored scraped, stained and glossed.  Although I love, love, love dark flooring, because this space is variable on natural light, I thought it best to keep it light so we wouldn't feel like we were living in a basement. Received this text message to approve the floor coloring and although I only had this 1-foot sample to compare, I thought it looked nice, so we gave them the go-ahead to continue throughout the whole floor.
Sure? Why not. This looks nice.

Gorgeous! The flooring looks nice too.

The flooring was truly one of my favorite surprises. It has a nice mix of colors due to the natural gradients in the wood, so it has shades of honey, oak and wheat instead of being just one true color, which I think is the real benefit of doing wood instead of laminate. But its also much more risky.

What do you think? 

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