Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Talkin Bout Tile

There are many things I have not enjoyed about the renovation (I'm lookin' at you, painting) but tile is actually something I have love LOVE LOVED.  

I think floor tile is so much fun because there's instant gratification, unlike basically any other decision you make while renovating. 

For the bathroom, we were originally tempted to do white floor tile. But frankly, it looks seriously dangerous. And hard to keep clean:
Does it come with a housekeeper?

I am already picturing me busting my face

Needless to say, that didn't seem the route to go. A few salespeople suggested doing white with a pattern:
But that looked a bit too easily dated and I didn't love it.

And then, we saw grey tile:
Come to Momma

It looks so beautiful and chic!  

When we were at the flooring store, we saw a couple pick this tile out:

Tile that looks like wood grain. Yum.

You wouldn't believe how expensive that is!  Maybe for the upstairs bathroom. So we kept looking and eventually found this grey beauty:

And that is what we have installed. It was pretty and practical and couldn't be more happy with it. 

What say you, Internets? Do you also enjoy tile?

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