Wednesday, June 12, 2013

News-y find of the day

This is cool. And a shoutout to the G train.
Via Brokelyn:
"We all love the subway, even (especially?) the G train. Despite that, we all know that it could use a few improvements, especially since it’s not going to be getting any cheaper anytime soon. Where do you even start though? Designer and all around curious cat Randy Gregory has decided to start all at once, and suggest 100 improvements that he thinks can be made to the subway system, from the stairway lights above to solar panels on outdoor stations, and he’s sharing it on his tumblr, 100 Improvements to the New York Subway."

He's up to #60 today and I couldn't agree more with his tip:

60. Error Messages

When you swipe a metrocard, a green message appears on the lcd screen, and a beep goes off. Every time. Even if you miss-swipe, your card is out of money/time. It’d be better if a different light showed, or if a different sound played.

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