Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Talkin Bout Tile

Continuing my love of tile, let's talk about s

I love subway tile. So when deciding to do the bathrooms and kitchen, I really wanted to look into doing this. I never knew the rabbit hole I had fallen down. There are SO many types of subway tile!

Starting with shape: who knew there were so many different shapes of tile to choose from? 

Flat (my favorite)
Hexagonal (eew)
And then once you know your shape, there's so many grout colors!

Classic white

Dark Grey

Light grey! The winner! And my iced coffee which is totally necessary
The next major decision was to decide if the tile should go all the way up to the ceiling, or if it should only go only to the height of about 5 feet. 

All tile

Not all the way up
We decided not to go all the way to the ceiling because I think it looks too sterile. We want to the bathrooms to be modern and relaxing, but cozy.  Although the top 1/3 of the bathroom still needs to be painted, once someone gets me an iced coffee, that will eventually get done.

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  1. totally agree that the tile should only go halfway up. Our bathroom is all tile and I can't do annnyyything with it. This way you can change the paint color one day when some new color is in style and revamp your bathroom. Is that last photo the bathroom or an example from the interwebs? when can I commmmeee? ;)