Monday, September 9, 2013

Insert obligatory Fifty Shades of Grey joke here

A friend suggested a grey and yellow colorscheme (omg I just accidentally typed "colorSCREAM" - that's got to be some type of Freudian slip) and I love that idea. Join me on a magical journey to find the perfect grey aka greige (grey + beige. Love combo words, see above).

Come to me, my pretties

I was also able to pretty quickly determine that Benjamin Moore has the best grey neutrals. I love Benjamin Moore so much, I started calling it Ben Moore or Bennie Moore as if we were BFFs who called each other on the phone and had slumber parties. When I told the contractor "That Ben. He does good work" he looked at me like I have 3 heads. And he was correct.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet, I was able to narrow it down pretty quickly. Thanks to fellow home bloggers who post pics of their own paint!

And this little beauty color chart from Name 5 Things

I found I was more drawn to greys with a pretty blue undertone that were light.  I also discovered I'm a total sucker for a good paint color name.  Allllmoooost went with these 3 just because of the names:
Jane Austen references just waiting to happen

are you even serious?! I need this color in my life*
*Didja know ol' Mark lived in the West Village in Manhattan?  The brownstone he stayed at has a historic plaque and some people say they see his ghost at his writing desk. Thanks, Ghost Tour of 2012 for that.

Anyways, after much debate and decision fatigue, I decided on:

Stonington Grey. Here it is in houses that are not mine:

I'll reveal it in the next week's living room reveal!


  1. #gorgeous!!!! Grey + Beige= Fabulous!

  2. #gorgeous!!!! Grey + Beige= Fabulous!

  3. New follower! :)

    I spent weeks upon weeks searching for the perfect gray. It took a lot of patience! I ended up going with one from a paint line that's Canadian so brand so not sure if you'll have access to it. It's CIL Touch of Grey.

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the comment :) The IKEA kitchen inspiration I posted yesterday was from a Canadians...with your excellent design sense and universal healthcare....I'm just tryin' to keep up ;)

      I googled the CIL Touch of Grey - its lovely! Good choice. We don't have the CIL brand unfortunately (I'm sure you're going to tell me its low VOC and super environmentally friendly too..psssht)!

  4. LOLOLOL i would die if you and benjamin moore were best friends...ok, now i'm googling if benjamin moore is an actual person..and it appears he died in 1816? is that who the paint is named after? now I'm curious.

    anyway..super impressed with all the paint research you did! I reallllly want to repaint our entire house. We had it done while we were on our honeymoon and literally just "picked a color" the day before our wedding so it would be done and I'm not a big fan. I really like the gray you picked and would prob. do something similar if I were to repaint!

    1. Thanks for the comment and research on my new BFF, Bennie Moore.

      It would definitely be in your best interest to copy me.