Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kitchen Confidential Continued

Last time, we discussed the grey countertops and the design of the kitchen cabinets from IKEA.  When we ordered everything, we had it delivered (sans countertops) from IKEA because there was no way we could handle all the pieces ourselves and many were not available for same-day pickup anyway.  When it arrives, it looks like this:

Welcome to my nightmare
Everything is poorly labeled and very heavy.  Because we weren't ready for the kitchen to be installed, these boxes took up half the garage and kinda just hung out for a month. We had to buy them at the time we did to take advantage of the 20% off IKEA sale, which made these an event bigger deal than they already were.

I'm a gal who loves a good sale
When we finally went to remove each piece to take them into the house in preparation for installation, we found many panels were straight up incorrect (both color and style).  I really think that the employees went with an eenie meenie miney mo method of sorting for our order. 

Also we lost the original receipt.

I know!  How stupid can you be?!  But in the age of digital copies and credit cards, we really didn't think we were going to be as doomed as we were in returning a lot of the pieces.  I will summarize this section to avoid getting stabby, but it took over 3 hours to return the wrong items with two angry, cranky IKEA employees refusing to acknowledge your existence. We left with a few credits, and a few gift cards. I've decided IKEA is only slightly worse than Communist Russia.

Did I mention our appliances AND flooring were also in the garage? At the same time? This picture fills me with so much anxiety.

Upon installation, we discovered a pretty big boo-boo:

The refrigerator didn't fit.

Dream a little dreammmm of me
Internets, I know that this doesn't seem like a big deal to any old reasonable person and I agree. But when you have a little dream, and you've paid for this little dream with everything you've got, and you think everything will work out in the end because your little dream will come true, the disappointment when it doesn't is palpable. 
And we had exactly 1 day to make a decision about where to put the fridge and as you can see, its not like there are a lot of options. After taking a poll from friends who actually know what they're doing in the kitchen, we decided to move it over to the left side, which effectively blocks off the dining table space unfortunately.

Here's a little preview for next time as we continue our kitchen talk:

Who can it be now??

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  1. oh man! I can't believe you had to return all that wrong merchandise!! Oy vey...can't wait to see how it all comes out!