Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Week 18

Welcome to Week 18 of the renovation.  I saw an episode of HGTV's Property Brothers in which a couple totally and completely freaked out 2 weeks into in their renovation and made whatever that cute contractor's name is completely halt because they couldn't handle it.


Week 18 has brought a sense of moral superiority to basically every buyer/renovator I ever see on TV. I visibly or audibly huff with disgust when I see them complain or make a stupid decision.  I bet this is what parenting is like.

Anyway, I have a pretty major master bathroom announcement to make.

It is no longer an Outhouse.
The sparkle stars were not installed
The slate doesn't photograph well, unfortunately. Its a lot less dirty and swirly looking in person.

Remember that pebble tile? Here it is installed:

Remember the bench? Still working on that because we had some dramz with the material we bought because its basically the blind leading the blind/deaf/dumb over here:

The rest of the wall tile not in the shower is the same grey slate, as is the floors. I won't show that to you until the new toilet gets installed because it looks gross.  Until then, you can brainstorm for me who is going to clean this when it gets done.

Until then....

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