Monday, September 23, 2013

Building IKEA Kitchen Cabinets

As I've documented here and here, the IKEA kitchen cabinets ended up being a huge process.

In order to save some dough, we decided that we (and by we, everyone should already know that this doesn't include me, obviously), would assemble the boxes and cabinet fronts only.

Then we would have the contractor and crew do the following:
  • Add cabinet door fronts
  • Install backsplash
  • Install internal kitchen shelves
  • Add cabinet pulls aka cabinet jewelry
From what I hear, the cabinet boxes themselves were not that hard to install.  The cabinet fronts were actually fun if you like that sort of thing. The hardware that attaches to the cabinet itself isn't really bad to figure out and its definitely a two person job.

Not too shabs if I do say so myself
The kitchen counter is a whole other animal.  IKEA comes to your house to measure it once the cabinets are installed.

Boxes are hung on the wall. Why do we own so much tape?
Cabinet pull ready to be installed

This is what they look like when they're initially installed. As you can tell, we have high ceilings I KNOW WHAT A PROBLEM TO HAVE, so we had to maximize the distance between the top and bottom cabinets, which basically means at 5'5" I'm officially a shrimp in my kitchen - I'll just get a step stool and STFU.


  1. Haha i need a step stool for lots of things in my kitchen! It's just how it looks soooo good! Is that a wine rack on the right hand side of the kitchen? the open part without a door??

    1. Why, yes, yes it is.

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