Monday, July 1, 2013

Cabinet Jewelry

Oh Internets, how much I have enjoyed looking for cabinet drawer pulls. Its kind of like shopping for the jewelry that will go on the cabinets for me to look at all the time.

Here are the more traditional pulls that I like:
Cheap + Cheerful, baby

And these are the more CrAzY drawer pulls that I like:
I literally cannot handle how crazy I am getting
How quickly do you think the Yankee would kill me for ordering these bad boys?  60 seconds?  10 seconds, you say?

After researching, I still can't find a pull that I like better than this beautiful one from Hickory Hardware in Satin Nickel.  Oh, Hickory Hardware in Satin Nickel, I wish I knew how to quit you 

Here it is in all is glory on little house blog.  What do you think of door pulls  cabinet jewelry?

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