Monday, July 29, 2013

And on the 8th day, She Said Let There Be Light

And she saw that it was good.

And with that, I'm off to tell you about some of the little lighting touches we've done around the house.

1: Dimmer switches in all the rooms. I wayyyy underestimated the amount of fun these would be. They're really great if you want to exit on a dramatic point, or make a visual womp womp when you turn them down realllyyyy slowly and make a sad face. And they provide mood and task lighting for normal people.

2: LED light in the hallway.  LED lighting uses way less electricity then normal bulbs and it wayyyyyy cheaper to use over the course of the year. But so helpmejesus if someone leaves the light when they leave the room. But good to know they're better anyway.

3. This fun light for a section of the ceiling that I've nicknamed The Cathedral. I call it that because it is a high angular section that follows the pitch of the roof at the front of the house. We're going to install it so it highlights all the weird angles and hopefully will provide enough light for dining (to be determined).

4: Added a skylight
5: Added some cool recessed lighting around the skylight:

6: Under cabinet lighting. I had originally requested this, and my head just about spun around when I saw this was skipped during the design plan. Sohelpmejesus I will have me some under cabinet lighting. More on that when it gets installed, but for right now, here's what the piece looks like from IKEA in someone else's kitchen:

What do you think?

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  1. I love dimmers and under counter lighting. Steve and I bought an under counter mount set from home depot once to install, it didn't go so well though so it was a return.