Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh Ohhhhhh Sometimes I Get a Good Ceiling

Yeah, its a tough job to think of ways to combine song titles with renovations but somebody's gotta do it.

One of the scariest moments of this whole project was when we thought it was a good idea to remove the ceiling.  As you can see in the pic below, the ceiling was standard-height and curved which which was a cute design element of yesteryear:
Arrow shows the ceiling line where it curves in
Since we really wanted a large open concept layout, we had the ceiling completely removed to reveal 4 more glorious feet hiding underneath!

As you can tell, the exposed beams don't provide insulation, so that was added:

And then the new ceiling was built!

To the right, you can see the skylight!  Remember my post about how the skylight came about?  There it is all framed and ready to be installed!

Here's a shot where you can see how much space was added by opening that ceiling up!  Is that a new window you see there too?  Maybe you'll find out more about that in a later post!

What do you think of the framing? And who's going to clean this place up?

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  1. wow! Look at all that extra space...good move to allow for extra high ceilings! Love the post title too btw :)