Thursday, July 18, 2013


Not this type of layout
Here's the layout of the floorplan which I hope will help you follow some of the changes we've made to the space. And it will help when I talk about The Outhouse you can kinda visualize what I'm talking about. So here goes:

As you can see, we made a few changes right away. As you can see, I owe you some details on the stuff in green - new windows and a sliding glass door were both added.  To be continued!

We knocked down the wall between the kitchen and the living room. We'll be moving the dining room to where the area is marked "Cathedral" ceiling that we created. More on that to come.

We replaced the tub in the bathroom affectionately referred to as The Outhouse with a stand-up shower. And you can't tell this totally by the layout, but there is a set of stairs that lead downstairs to the laundry area and craft cabinet.

And here is the layout to the downstairs (Garden level)

We did not change anything to the layout here since we don't plan to live primarily in this space. I took the liberty of drawing in the green squiggles to represent all the crazy weeds. Hope you appreciate that touch.

Hope that clarifies things and looking forward to sharing more!

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