Monday, July 15, 2013

Sane Renovation Resolution #1

Now that I am going through it, I can truly see how stressful renovations are. To help gain some sanity, I have come up with a few sane renovation resolutions to help me manage the anxiety, the unknown, the mess and the stress that comes with having your home upended.  To me, no matter where I've lived (2 dorms, 4 apartments, 15 roommates), I have always tried to make that place as comfortable and home-y as possible so I could have a place to rest, rejuvenate, and truly be myself.  Having a major renovation has been really stressful because it makes you constantly adapt to new and different circumstances and the unexpected.  Plus its dirty, expensive and gross.

The following is just one of my rules for sanity which I will share over the next few weeks!

Sane Renovation Resolution #1:
Don't Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the DONE

Sane Renovation Resolution #1 is: Don't Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the DONE.  I adapted this from Voltaire's famous quote: The perfect is the enemy of the good.  Sometimes decisions just have to be made, right or wrong, and I find that's it worse to hem and haw about things because it only postpones the decision.  Do some research and make the best educated guess, and move on.  That's what I learned during my recent cabinet re-do but also through a million other decisions that have had to be made during the process.  As we say in the South:


What about you? Are you a hem and hawer?

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