Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Outhouse: Shower

Big moves on The Outhouse guys. Framing: we has it!  That means that walls will be going up!
Last post I introduced the upstairs bathroom known as The Outhouse.  We were originally going to put a freestanding tub in place of the current shower, and knock out a closet that is currently located behind the vanity to create a shower.  Then we decided we would live like rebels and only install a shower! CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE HOW CrAzY we are getting!?!??!

Rebels without a cause only have a shower

Because we are saving the cost of the tub, we are creating a shower bench:

And a rainfall shower head and body massagers!  The Yankee originally wanted this ridiculousness:

But I told him that's too:

So we're doing a regular waterfall showerhead.  The most exciting thing we're doing is...


I just have to share the box because the marketing is so incredibly ridiculous
The marketing scheme is "Like a walk on the beach"
Apparently with heated floors, you can only install them at certain times of a renovation because they take an involved installation so its basically now or never.  

Its really coming along now!  What do you think?

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