Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Creating Home

This post is part of a series called Creating Home in which I share musings about the process of creating a home, not just renovating a house.

This edition of Creating Home comes from a great book I'm reading, Team of Rivals, the basis of which was adapted to the amazing movie Lincoln.  I didn't expect any particular home inspiration from this book and was reading it for fun, but I came across the most amazing passage.  A journalist wrote the following after a visits Abraham and Mary Lincoln's home in Springfield (after Lincoln had received the Republican nomination for President):

"Everything tended to represent the home of a man who has battled hard with the fortunes of life, and whose hard experience had taught him to enjoy whatever of success belongs to him, rather in solid substance than in showy display."

In the age of pinning instead of doing, that description provides a happy ideal for which I can try to strive: try living in the messy stuff of solid substance rather than showy display. I love it.

Mary and Abe's home in Springfield

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