Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Things I Insist On: Garbage Disposal

During the renovation, there have been very few things that I absolutely must have and will fight tooth and nail for. For the most part, to keep our collective sanity, we don't insist on anything unless we are 110% sure it's something that we absolutely must have. As part of my sane renovation resolutions, I try to compromise wherever possible.

One of the things on my Must Have in Life list is this beauty:
Waste King 8000.  He's pretty much covered for Christmas
Feast your eyes, Yankees. That's a garbage disposal!  Garbage disposals were outlawed in NYC until 1997 but are now all the rage.

And what would possibly make this better?  A push-button controller! This puppy mounts to the inside of the sink, so you just push a button to start it.
Be still my heart

Do you have any gadgets or ideas that you insisted upon during your renovation?

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