Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Crafts Will Make Her Dance

There is a capital T Terrible rap song titled "Bands Will Make Her Dance" which is about money making women dance. I know you're all impressed with my random knowledge of Ebonics. Clean version below. Oddly catchy.

In order to make fun of it, I like to change the song title to something ridiculous, like "Ants Will Make Her Dance" or "Pants Will Make Her Dance."  So today, dear readers, I bring to you a post about my new craft cabinet, called:
In the laundry room, there was this U-G-L-Y-you-aint-got-no-alibi utility sink and corner counter.  It had to go:

We went to IKEA and used their kitchen planner to design a 4-foot white cabinet.  We got a pretty basic design because we didn't want to spend a lot of dough on something we would rarely use but still wanted to look nice.  The kitchen planner was ok to use once you had the hang of it, but I had to ask the sales person for help to make sure I was ordering all the components correctly.  I had forgotten to add the cover panel to the order that will hide the ugliness on the right side where it is exposed due to the stairwell.  We struggled to decide if we should put a butcher block countertop, or other fun countertop on it, but decided to go with classic and simple white.  And here it is during installation (The Yankee assembled it himself! MAH MAHN!)
During installation

The silver IKEA sink shown did not end up working out because the contractor said it was too small. So we ordered a big white sink on Amazon. When I got it, I screamed because it was BLUE and we clearly ordered white but then the Yankee informed that was just the shrink wrap over the sink to protect the surface. Then I punched him thanked him.
Gotta insniffigate

That sink ended up being too big by about 2 inches.  Then we ordered another one that ended up being jusssssttt right.  It was like Goldilocks of sinks.

Here's the new crafts table in all its glory:
Hello lovah


I still need to remove whatever plastic crap is stuck on the wall, prime and paint the wall and put an easel on the counter for my watercolors.  I also intend to mount a board or wood pallet or some shelving to hold other materials kinda like this:

or this:

I am really happy with this cheap + cheerful little project.  Tell me readers, do you have a dedicated crafts space, or am I just the only cat lady?


  1. You need to do something about the brown fur stuck in your sink.

    p.s. I love your craft wall!

  2. Oh. Em. Gee your very own craft table?! That's amazing, I can't wait to see all the amazing crafts you're going to take on in this little crafty corner! Haha loved that story about panicking over the blue sink....I totally would have done that too. Looking good!