Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Things He Insists On: Skylight

Continuing on yesterday's theme, there were a few things during the renovation that I insisted upon. One of mine was the garbage disposal.  Of course, the Yankee has preferences too.  After we saw how great the skylight worked out in the bathroom, he insisted on having one in the kitchen too.

So, as you can see, the ceiling has been completely removed and insulation has just started to be put up.  They used this red cart thingy to reach the ceiling:

This is the square cut into the ceiling:

I am really excited to see the glass installed soon so we can see through the roof!  I am really glad he came up with this idea. I will update once the glass is installed!

Do you have any skylights? Any pros and cons for us?


  1. I have a skylight in the bedroom. I used to have my bed right under it but got really bothered when too much sun hit my face in the morning. After a quick rearranging of furniture though, I'm really happy with it. It's good to have natural light coming in but not when there's too much heat raining down on you.

  2. Many people fall in love in a room with skylights. They make your room even more vibrant, giving you that sense of freedom and relaxation. Even if it was your husband who insisted of installing skylights in the kitchen, I know that you wanted it too. :) You're more inspired to cook when you have a delightful kitchen.

    Joann  Winton @ AJC Roofing